Tips and Tricks to Fix Bumper Dents

Even small dents and dings can come at a high price when you take your car into a shop to get them buffed out. After looking at the price to remove a dent from a car bumper it might not seem like it was even worth it. But you love your car and want it to look like it’s in its prime all the time. There has to be another way, and there is!

By following some simple tips and trips you can learn to fix bumper dents all by yourself. When you are looking to fix bumper dents, look no further than AutoPreme’s simple tricks and tips to remove dents from bumpers.

Simply Add Boiling Water

One method to fix bumper dents is to pour some boiling water on top of it. This works really well with plastic bumpers and if you have access to get behind the dent (by removing the bumper or reaching through the trunk). For some cars, the plastic on these bumpers can be so hard that you can’t pop the bumper out even if you have access to the back of the dent. After you’ve poured the water, reach back behind the dent and push it out. Because of the intense heat from the boiled water, the plastic should be more malleable, making it easier to push out. This is a simple remedy for car bumper dent repair, but it is one you should definitely try.

Use a Plunger

When you need to remove dents from your car bumper, try using a plunger to pop them out. The steps for this method are really simple; just gently push the plunger in and then pull it out until the dent pops out with it. Pour a little water on the mouth of the plunger and on the dent itself for some extra suction. This method of car bumper dent repair can work on some medium-sized dents. However, a good rule of thumb to know that it probably won’t work on any dent larger than the plunger itself.

Use a Blow Dryer

That’s right! You can use a blow dryer to fix bumper dents. Along with the blow dryer, go around your home and gather the following items: a package of dry ice, a can of compressed air, aluminum foil, and rubber coated gloves. Once you have gathered all those items, follow these steps to remove a dent from the car bumper:

  • Heat the dent with the blow dryer, keeping it about six inches away
  • Cover the dent with a piece of aluminum foil
  • Put on the rubber gloves and rub the dry ice over the aluminum foil
  • If needed, cool the area with the can of compressed air

Within the first minute, the dent should pop out! The quick change in the temperature makes the dent pop out and can fix your bumper dent.

Make Handles With Wooden Dowels, Nails, and Hot Glue

Another good tip for car bumper dent repair is to create makeshift handles to pull them out. To do this you will need Nails, half-inch to inch sized wood dowels, and hot glue. You can achieve this with the following steps:

  • Prepare the wood dowels by hammering in two nails on one end of the dowel
  • Place the hot glue on the opposite end of the dowel from the two nails
  • Place the dowels firmly around the dent
  • Let it completely dry
  • Pull on each of these “handles” until the dent pops out
  • Remove the dowels with rubbing alcohol or heat

This is a great way to remove dents from car bumpers. It is the most time-consuming tip offered here. However, it is a good remedy for small to medium sized dents. Try it out to fix bumper dents.

These are just a few of some of the home remedies to fix bumper dents that you can do yourself. Please note that if your dent is too big or has bent some of the metal frame then these car bumper dent repair methods will most likely not work and you will need to have a professional fix the bumper dents. However, if the dents and dings are small then these methods are a great way to save some cash and take care of the car yourself. Follow this DIY guide to take care of your car and give it the proper care it deserves. Also, check out AutoPreme for more tips on taking care of your car.