Premium Package

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Our most popular car floor mats. Our Premium floor mats are inspired by the world’s most luxurious vehicles. They offer a more detailed and finished stitch job than our Basic mats. Upgrade your ride with our stunning car floor mat designs. Will be released soon…

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Each layer of our custom car floor mats is carefully designed and manufactured to promote both durability and elegance. The detachable mat adds style and makes cleaning easy

  1. Detachable Mat
  2. Waterproof/Scratchproof Leather
  3. Comfortable Inner Lining
  4. Shape Retainable Lining
  5. Anti-slip Base

Driver Side

The driver side car floor mat helps to enhance the driving experience by adding extra comfort to your feet and canceling noise with our soft padding.

Passenger Side

Your guests will have the chance to experience an ultra-luxury ride and appreciate the details you have done to the car.

Frontseat overview

Our uniform and customized design make the floor mats fit your vehicle seamlessly so they become a part of your car.

Backseat overview

AutoPreme’s design team makes sure the backseat matches the design of the front seats. The durable material will help keep your vehicle in pristine condition, even with kids and pets in the back.

Detachable Carpets

Our custom detachable mats are a nice and functional addition to your luxury car floor mats. They are great for three reasons:

  1. Interchangeable styles. You can customize the color of detachable mats adding to your AutoPreme custom car floor mats.
  2. Easier to clean. When the surface gets dirty, you can remove the detachable layer and clean it in just a snap.
  3. Extra protection for extreme weather and activity.
  4. If you love bare feet driving.