Platinum Package

Starting from $449

The ultimate combination of elegance and luxury. Platinum floor mats feature the same carbon fiber texture you find in many sports cars and supercars. These luxurious car floor mats are for owners who want to match their carbon fiber interior or add a sporty vibe to their vehicles.

AutoPreme now offers a free upgrade to include front & back seats!

Notice: Due to a high quantity of orders, there may be a delay in shipping.

Obsidian w/ BlueObsidian w/ BlueObsidian w/ Cream StitchingObsidian w/ Cream StitchingObsidian w/ ObsidianObsidian w/ ObsidianObsidian w/ Racing YellowObsidian w/ Racing YellowObsidian w/ SilverObsidian w/ SilverObsidian w/ Sport RedObsidian w/ Sport Red
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Why AutoPreme

Why AutoPreme

The most exhaustive database of car models and makes. Our product development team collects and scans data from the most common vehicle to the world’s most exotic cars.
Trusted by the auto community
Many regional dealerships including Maserati, Porsche, Audi, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Mercedes purchase floor mats directly from us.
Superior quality
Our top-notch materials are handpicked, designed, and engineered exclusively by the AutoPreme team, to ensure we bring our customers the ultimate levels of quality and style.
We are the innovators and the first in the US to develop and implement this state-of-the-art design of 3-dimensional leather floor mats back in 2015. We now have established our brand name in various car communities including Targa Trophy, SEMA, Speed District, MotorTrend MBWorld, AuidWorld, ClubLexus and so on. We will always be the market leaders in innovation and bringing our customers renewed designs solutions to compliment their vehicles.
Experienced craftsmanship
We partnered with manufacturers who have operated in the automotive market for over 20 years and have been the supplier of choice to World leading auto brands.
Responsive customer service
We want to make sure our customers get their questions answered in a timely fashion. We have opened several communication channels including Facebook, Instagram, and the web to ensure our customers find us when they need us.

Detachable Carpets

Our detachable mats are a nice and functional addition to your luxury floor mats. They are great for three reasons:

  1. Interchangeable styles. You can customize the color of detachable mats adding to your AutoPreme car floor mats.
  2. Easier to clean. When the surface gets dirty, you can remove the detachable layer and clean it in just a snap.
  3. Extra protection for extreme weather and activity.
  4. If you love bare feet driving.