What Kind of Luxury Car is the Best?

You have decided to take the plunge. You work hard, make your way, and now you want to reward yourself. Deciding to buy a luxury car is one of the great ways to indulge and treat yourself to a true lifestyle upgrade. One final choice stands in your way, though. What kind of luxury car should you get? What is the best? The best for you?

These are not minor questions. Buying a luxury car is a significant investment. Like any investment, you want to be wise with your money. You want to get the right model and take care of it with regular pampering and features like custom floor mats and detailing. So when looking for the right luxury car for you, take a step back, review your options, and decide what works for you. To help you through the process, take a look at these top models.



There are a handful of select luxury cars that you can’t go wrong with. They will treat you right. These include the Audi A7 with its great design and reliably excellent standards. Joining the A7 in this category are the CT6 and XTS from Cadillac, both comfortable cars with plenty of features.

The sharp driving experience of the BMW 6 Series will make every drive an experience. The CLS-Class from Mercedes-Benz will also turn your commute into a daily treat.


Surprise hits

The Kia K900 will have you take a double take, both on this list as well as at this great car. It is a smart value and still gives its owners a lot to be happy about. Another minor surprise is the Lincoln Continental. You might think of this as luxury your grandparents once enjoyed, but the comfort simply cannot be ignored.


Going for it

If you are looking to go all the way in your luxury car search, you can certainly do so with some of the most high-end, high-reward models out there. From Rolls Royce, you can indulge in either the Wraith or the Phantom and feel as supercharged as these models’ names suggest. From Bentley, the Flying Spur and Continental GT will have you feeling like royalty. Back to Audi, the RS7 and S8 will have you loving every minute of your drive.

To get the best of virtually all worlds, take a Tesla Model S for a spin. This dynamic car will put you at the cutting edge of automotive technology while giving you the pure indulgence of a great luxury car.

So which one is best for you? You’ll have to explore a few to make that decision, but hopefully, this list will help narrow down your choices to get your search off to a supercharged start.

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