How to Improve Your Gas Mileage

When summer comes, it’s time for many people to go on cross-country road trips. It also means that gas prices go up. When gas prices rise, you may wonder why you’re paying so much just to get from point A to point B. But if you know how to improve gas mileage in your car, you can save money on road trips and routine driving all year long. Improve your gas mileage with these easy steps.

Change Your Air Filter

For those who don’t know how to improve gas mileage, car maintenance is key. Start with changing the air filter when necessary. A good time to check the filter is when you get your oil changed. Keeping a clean filter in your car can improve gas mileage by as much as ten percent.

Inflate Your Tires

If you’re still wondering how to improve gas mileage in your car, keeping your tires inflated is one easy way to do it. Regularly checking your tire pressure, and inflating when needed, can improve your gas mileage by up to three percent.  

Change Your Oil

Changing your oil often—and with the right kind of oil—is important for taking proper care of your engine. As a result, you will also improve gas mileage in your vehicle. A well functioning engine means better fuel efficiency for you.

Reduce Your Load

If you know how to improve gas mileage, you know that maintenance can only go far. Forming good driving habits can help a lot too. For starters, extra cargo weight costs you more fuel to transport, if you carry a lot of heavy stuff that you don’t need in the trunk leave it at home. Stop carting around a heavy load to improve gas mileage.  

Avoid Idling

Leaving your car idling is just a flat-out waste of fuel. If the engine is running, it’s burning gas. If you’re not going anywhere while you burn that gas, that’s going to hurt the gas mileage you get from your car. Do yourself a favor and switch the ignition off whenever you park, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Use Cruise Control

Another answer to the question of how to improve gas mileage? Speed. Maintaining a constant speed on the highway helps your engine run more efficiently, improving gas mileage. Any time you get the chance on a long stretch of road, get into the habit of engaging your car’s cruise control. That will improve gas mileage in your car.

Observe Speed Limits

Most cars start to lose fuel efficiency at speeds above 60 mph. So when you’re on the freeway, it’s smart to stick to the speed limit, or even a bit lower. Staying as close as you can to that 60 mph limit will improve gas mileage in your car.

Avoid Traffic

Rush hour is the worst time of day for improving gas mileage. The starting, stopping, slowing down, and speeding up that comes with heavy traffic wastes a lot of fuel. If at all possible, try to leave earlier or later for work to beat the traffic. The less time you spend sitting in a jam, or even in stop-and-go traffic, the less gas you will use.

Anticipate Light Changes

Again, stopping, starting, slowing down, and speeding up use a lot more fuel than maintaining a constant rate of speed. The more you can avoid doing those things, the more fuel you will save. Look ahead, if you think a light’s going to change, slow down early. That way, you might make a green light and avoid stopping completely.

Choose A/C or Window

Running the air conditioning and driving with your window down, while great for cooling off, are a drag on your car’s fuel economy. If you need to stay cool, pick one of these options. That way you won’t use as much fuel, and you’ll improve your gas mileage.

Fuel Smart

If you’ve tried most of these and still don’t know how to improve gas mileage in your car, try looking at your fuel. The kind of fuel you put into your car can affect the mileage you get out of it. Check your vehicle user manual to see what the recommended fuel is. If you’re not putting it into your car currently, try it out.

Fuel Early

Still searching for how to improve gas mileage in your car? We have one more suggestion. Try fueling first thing in the morning. The molecules in gasoline expand as they heat up, so if you fuel during the day, you might not actually be getting the same amount of gas. This is a good way to try and stretch your gas dollars.

If you’ve taken care of the gas mileage, try improving the interior of your car. Visit our site to see how our premium products can help you.