How to Clean Your Car

You love your car. It’s a simple fact, really, just as you need air and water, you love your car. Part of that love you have for your car is taking good care of it. You wouldn’t take your car to just any old repair shop, so you should be cleaning it with as much care as you take in choosing a mechanic. The way you clean your car is just as important as how you take care of your car. Autopreme has compiled the best steps and ways to clean your car so that you know you are doing all you can to take care of it. Keep reading to learn how to clean your car.

Do It Yourself

It might seem easiest to just take a car to a drive-through car wash, and while a lot of those places are good, when you clean your car yourself you know you are getting the exact care your car needs. Improper washing slowly starts to damage the exterior of your car and will begin to dull your car’s finish. Before we go into the heavy details on how to clean your car, here are a few items you should be using to clean your car.

  • Always read the label of a cleaning product.
    • A soap with a higher level of acidity might clean most parts of your car, but then might erode another part. Always read the labels so you are in the know.
  • Consider using car wash mitts when you clean your car.
    • There are many different types of car wash mitts. While they all have the same basic purpose, there are different styles and cloths for different cars and car parts. Read up on the different types and try a few out to find the best one to keep your car clean.
  • Use a Grit Guard insert with your cleaning bucket.
    • A Grit Guard sits at the bottom of your cleaning bucket. As the dirt you just cleaned off falls to the bottom of the bucket the guard prevents your towel or washing mitt from picking up some of that dirt and then reapplying it to your car.
  • Invest in microfiber towels.

These things are important in order to keep your car clean. If you don’t already have them, look into these items. These tips may seem small, but having the right tools is the first step in knowing how to clean your car.

How to Clean Your Car

One of the first steps you should take before you clean your car is to assess the condition of your vehicle. You need to consider what you did to clean it last time to help determine what it needs now. Maybe you haven’t waxed in a while, or you noticed some extra dirty spots. Being observant is an important step in knowing how to clean your car.

Washing Your Car

When you wash your car always use a car washing soap or shampoo and never liquid dish soap. To wash your car:

  1. Spray off your car first and then wash it from top to bottom
    1. Make sure you are using the car wash mitts and a Grit Guard insert in your bucket
  2. Rub in the soap using straight up and down motions

Dry Your Car

Never let your car air dry! Air drying can leave water streaks and watermarks. To dry your car:

  1. Use a microfiber towel and blot at the water
    1. When you are drying your car make sure you are not wiping with the microfiber towel, but that you are blotting the water with it. Blotting also helps to prevent streaking and ensures you are absorbing all excess water instead of just moving it around

Using a Clay Bar

After washing your car you might still feel bumps if you rub your hand over your car. These bumps might be from tree sap or even the oxidation of your car’s paint. A great tip to taking care of these bumps is to use a clay bar or a clay kit. Clay bars remove everything that is on your car’s surface including wax. To use the clay bar:

  1. Place it in the palm of your hand.
  2. Gently rub it across your car using up and down motions.

This is a great way to remove those pesky bumps you just can’t wash off.

Wax Your Car

Waxing your car is like applying sunblock to your car. It helps protect it from the sun and harmful UV rays. Car wax is available in polymer (liquid) or carnauba (paste) form. Both forms act the same, but polymer wax is perhaps the easiest to work with and is a good choice for first-timers. To wax:

  1. Put a small amount of wax on your waxing cloth
  2. Apply the wax to your car with up and down motions
  3. Use a small microfiber towel to buff the wax again using an up and down motion
  4. Repeat until you’ve covered the entire exterior

One of the best tips on how to clean your car is just to keep your car clean. Maintaining the cleanliness and the waxing of your vehicle is so much easier than playing catch up. And now that you have all of AutoPreme’s best tips for keeping your car clean you can easily begin maintaining it. Follow these steps and tips to clean your car and keep it that way. And while you are taking care of your car, check out AutoPreme and see how they can make your car even better!