How to Clean Your Car

You love your car. It’s a simple fact, really, just as you need air and water, you love your car. Part of that love you have for your car is taking good care of it. You wouldn’t take your car to just any old repair shop, so you should be cleaning it with as much […]

Notice Of Corporation Dissolution

General Notice Of Corporation Dissolution To whom it may concern: Please be advised that the corporation DBA AutoPreme, doing business at, will be dissolved by shareholder and director resolution within 30 days by the end of August 2018. All debts owed to the corporation, and all claims against the corporation, will be received at […]

Tips and Tricks to Fix Bumper Dents

Even small dents and dings can come at a high price when you take your car into a shop to get them buffed out. After looking at the price to remove a dent from a car bumper it might not seem like it was even worth it. But you love your car and want it […]

How to Improve Your Gas Mileage

When summer comes, it’s time for many people to go on cross-country road trips. It also means that gas prices go up. When gas prices rise, you may wonder why you’re paying so much just to get from point A to point B. But if you know how to improve gas mileage in your car, […]

How to Test Drive a Car

Doing a new car test drive can make or break your car buying experience. Do it right, and you can get a car that’s perfect for you. Do it wrong, and you could have some serious buyer’s remorse. Test driving a car, new or used, is both an art and a science. If you don’t […]