Classic Luxury Cars vs Today’s Luxury Cars

When you care a lot about cars, you want to have the best. If you are going to invest in a great car, you want to know what you are getting, and what makes it the best. The question you have to ask yourself is, what really is the best? For some, it’s a matter of lining up all the available features and reviews and making a decision after taking all the relevant information into account. Sometimes, though, things just aren’t that simple.

Take luxury cars, for example. You can look at all the reviews of the latest models. You can research all the available features, who does the best job with each feature, and what cars are pushing the envelope to deliver the goods. Then after comparing all the finer points on the latest models, you get thrown a curveball. What about old classic cars?


That opens up an even bigger debate. When you put two or more brand new luxury cars side by side and compare features, you can get a relatively straightforward comparison and make an informed decision. But when it comes to classic luxury cars versus today’s luxury cars, it can feel like comparing apples and oranges. The debate can even start to get philosophical when you start to talk about it with your fellow auto enthusiasts,  people passionate about their preference for one versus the other.


So how can you step back and compare the two to decide which is right for you? The key is to ask yourself some basic questions about what you want and your reasons for wanting it. When you get down it, the search really does become more philosophical.

Cool Features or Timeless Style?

First, ask yourself what is more important to you, features or style? This really gets down to your motivations for buying a great car. One of the major reasons for getting a luxury car, especially a newer model, is to enjoy the benefits of the latest features. It is just a fact that newer cars will have more bells and whistles. If that is most important to you, then you might just have the answer to the question right here. You can move onto which of the latest models works best for you. If not, read on.


Classic cars, on the flip side, tend to offer more in terms of style. Sure, there are differences in the style features of contemporary luxury cars, but they are far less striking than the difference between today’s models and classic cars. From a style perspective, if you want a luxury car that really stands out, classic is probably the way to go.

Modern Convenience or Driving Experience?

The next choice you want to make is between convenience and experience. Today’s luxury cars tend to offer smoother rides with greater efficiency than classic cars can offer. Developments in engine performance, suspension, and maintenance make for convenient, often worry-free ownership.


Classic cars counter this with what purists would argue is a greater driving experience. With simpler design, driving a classic car means putting more focus on driving it, which can make the experience more rewarding. That simpler design can also allow you to put more into maintenance, which is a plus if you like working on your own car, or a drag if you prefer to let the computers figure everything out. Simplicity of design can also mean fewer things to break or go wrong with your car. There is more than one side to worry-free car ownership.

Classic Luxury or the Latest Model?

There is one more thing to take into consideration. This will apply whether you opt for the latest model and all of its features or the simplicity of a classic luxury car. The thing you want to do is to take care of your luxury car, no matter the make, model, or age. A luxury car is an investment, and smart people like you protect their investments.

Choosing what kind of car is right for you takes some time and thought. While having so many options can make deciding harder, asking a few key questions will get you headed in the right direction. No matter what you choose, though, you will want to protect your investment by taking the best care possible of your luxury car. Whether you get the latest model or a timeless classic, make sure you also get custom floor mats and other simple but necessary additions that will help your car last and keep looking its best.

Best Movies that Feature Luxury Cars

For a lot of us, a good movie is not just about a good story or awesome action; it’s about the awesome luxury cars that are featured in it. How could the Fast and Furious have lasted eight films without their sweet rides? Autopreme is here to break down some of the best movies that feature luxury cars.


Speaking of movies with classic cars, one of the most iconic cars that comes to mind is James Bond’s 1964 Aston Martin DB5 from the classic spy film Goldfinger. This car featured all kinds of ridiculous features like machine guns and ejector seat, but it’s the simple beauty of the Aston Martin that makes this such a memorable car.

Gone in 60 Seconds

It was hard not to fall in love with the 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500, or “Eleanor,” in Nicolas Cage’s crazy Gone in 60 Seconds. This beautiful gray machine is something anyone would love to drive, or steal with Nicolas Cage.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was released in 1986 and introduced us to the suave Ferris Bueller and the incredible 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder. We can’t blame the valet guy for taking it for a spin.

When watching these classic car movies you want to buy your own awesome ride. The best part about owning a luxury car is being able to make it your own and buy new products for it. The cars in the Fast and the Furious franchise wouldn’t look as cool without all the features and work they added to those cars. Though it seems small, buying Autopreme Floor Mats adds to the overall look of a luxury car. Take care of your vehicle and only buy things that can enhance your automobile.

Are Used Luxury Cars Worth it?

It’s impossible not to say, “I want that,” after watching Robert Downey Jr. hop into his Audi R8 in the Iron Man movies. It’s a beautiful machine! Or, when you see Bruce Wayne’s Lamborghini Murciélago in The Dark Knight, it’s hard to not want to be the one sitting in the driver’s seat.


For most of us who don’t land in the “billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” category, the price of a luxury car makes your dreams of owning one just out of reach. Used luxury cars may seem like the best way to get inside the vehicle of your dreams, but are pre-owned luxury cars worth it? Here are some considerations when deciding if it’s the choice for you.

Buying Used Saves You Money

The bottom line is, a used car will save you money. However, it is important to note that pre-owned luxury cars have less depreciation than a normal non-luxury car. This means that the car will lose less in value than a normal, everyday car. Purchasing a used luxury vehicle is an investment, but one that retains its value longer than other vehicles. This means, when you eventually sell your luxury car, you will get more money back than if you were trying to sell a normal family sedan.

Be Willing to Fix It Up

There are several things you might need to repair or replace when you purchase a used car, but some of the best deals on luxury cars are those that need work done. Repairs won’t necessarily be more expensive than it would be with a non-luxury car, but sometimes the parts can be.


Many times, you can find ways around custom or “made-for-the-model” parts and use something with just as much premium quality as something you would get directly from the dealer. For example, instead of buying the name-brand floor mats you can only buy at that car’s specific dealership, buy Autopreme Floor Mats instead. Here you will get the same quality (or better) but at a fraction of the cost. Simple tricks like this will help you find alternatives to expensive parts for your luxury car.

Smaller Things Can Be Expensive

Because you are buying this luxury car used, it will have more miles on it. This is a no-brainer, but that also means it might require more maintenance, and thus more costs, than if you bought it new. Small things like batteries or spark plugs could be pricier than an economy car. Not only will you need to be willing to make some minor repairs and fixes, but you might have to put forth more money to maintain it for the first few years.

You Get More for Less

Even if you are buying a luxury car used, it will still have more power and features than a new economy car for the same price. If you saved up enough money, it might seem more intuitive to buy the new car rather than the used one, but it’s hard to beat the features of the luxury model. The interior, the engine power, even the feel of the drive is worth the purchase. It’s also hard to argue for the economy car when you have the chance to get behind the wheel of your dream car.

Buying a used luxury car is a great and affordable way to finally drive the car you’ve always wanted. The way you feel behind that wheel might be the best reason to buy a pre-owned luxury vehicle. After considering the potential extra expenses, and looking for alternative products to replace more expensive ones, a used luxury is the way to go.

What is a Self Driving Car? Here’s What We Know

What is a self driving car?


A self driving car is just that: a car that is able to drive itself on all of the roads that you and I drive on every day. It’s an exciting thought, isn’t it? How amazing would it be to go on a road trip with your friends and be able to sit back, relax, snack, and watch Netflix the whole way? The idea of it is thrilling and gets us excited for our future robot chauffeur. However, how soon will we start to see self driving cars on the road and when will one pull up into my driveway?

How Soon?

Well, according to Wired, self driving cars are already “everywhere.” As companies are building and perfecting autonomous vehicles, they are currently testing them out and driving them in major cities around the world. Self driving cars are already here, but just not available to the consumer yet.

When Can I Sit in One?

That’s a trickier question. The short answer is, the next five to ten years. However, according to Forbes’ Alan Ohnsman, within the next year you will be able to sit in one as ride services will begin deploying self driving cars. Lyft, Uber, and other on-demand ride services will reportedly all employ autonomous vehicles very soon. So, though you might not be able to own one soon, you will soon be able to get behind the wheel, so to speak, of a self driving car.

Will I Own One?

According to The Guardian, the way we own cars today may become a thing of the past as ride services, where you can rent the use of a car, will begin to pop up as we get closer to self driving cars. Think of it as Netflix, but for rides instead of episodes. However, in the meantime, take advantage of car ownership right now and purchase new products to improve your current car. No matter if your car is self driven or person driven, buying Autopreme Floor Mats is great for any car, as they match and protect a wide variety of vehicles and models.


Stay tuned to Autopreme for more information about self driving cars as they develop.

How to Properly Store Your Luxury Car

As much fun as you’ve had cruising summer roads and enjoying fine-driving weather, luxury sports cars aren’t always suited for the cold winter months. Whether you’re chasing summer around the globe and need to long-term storage for your vehicle or are storing your car to keep it safe from harsh winter elements, there is a series of steps you should take to ensure you’re luxury car or truck remains in pristine condition.

Why preparing your car for storage is key

By taking the necessary steps to properly prepare your luxury vehicle for long-term storage, you can keep it in the best shape possible. Have peace of mind knowing your valuable car will be as ready as you are to hit the road. Failure to care for your car prior to storage often increases the risk of damage or deterioration due to things like stagnant fluids and excess moisture, pest infestations, corrosion, exposure to harsh elements, and more.

If you’re planning to store your car for six months or more, be sure to follow the steps necessary to ensure it will remain in mint condition while you’re away.

1. Give it a detailed clean

Whether you choose to clean your vehicle yourself or choose to take it to a professional car detailer, making sure your car is spotless both inside and out will help preserve the integrity of the car. Furthermore, when it comes time for your next outing, you don’t want to be worried about climbing into a dirty car.

Pro tip: Go the extra mile in preserving your car’s paint job by following the wash with a thorough wax, buff, and shine. It never hurts you give your treasured ride an extra layer of defense during the downtime.

2. Change your oil

Begin the storage preparation process by changing your vehicle’s oil and ensuring levels are full. Having a full tank of unused, clean oil prevents moisture from building up and negatively affecting the effectiveness of the oil.

Pro tip: While you’re waiting for your oil to drain, consider lubricating the critical components of the axle, shock system, and other mobile frame points.

3. Fuel up and top-off fluids

Along with filling up your gas tank, make sure you use a fuel stabilizer to ensure your gasoline doesn’t go bad. Not only will filling the gas tank prevent the unwelcome presence of moisture, but by adding the stabilizer, you can ensure your gas won’t go bad after the typical 30-day lifespan.

Pro tip: Spend a few extra minutes checking and topping off other important fluids in your car such as coolant, brake, transmission, power steering, battery (if applicable), and windshield wiper. Full tanks ward off corrosion, gunk build-up, and other risks.

4. Get it off the ground

After finding the right place to store your sports car, raise the vehicle just enough so the tires aren’t resting on the ground and release several psi’s of air from each one. After a while, tires that go unmoved can form a “flat spot” where it was sitting against the ground. Though these flat spots can sometimes go away after being driven a few miles it’s better to raise your car and prevent them all together.

Pro tip: If for whatever reason you’re unable to raise your vehicle, you can still prevent the formation of flat spots by increasing each tire’s air pressure to the maximum psi.

5. Fix the final touches

Once the car is clean, the fluid levels are topped off, and it’s placed on risers, it’s time to finalize the proper storage process by doing three quick things:

  • Place dehumidifier inside the car to eliminate any moisture buildup. If you’re unable to find a dehumidifier, you can encourage air movement and prevent stagnant moisture by ever-so-slightly cracking two or three windows.
  • Rodent-proof everything. Close off the fresh-air inlet to the heater system by switching the heater to “recycle” position while the car is on. Plug the exhaust system by placing a ball of steel wool in a clear plastic bag and attaching a bright string or ribbon. Place one packet in each tailpipe.
  • Cover your vehicle with a breathable cloth or customized car cover. This prevents the harmful build-up of dust as well as harsh UV rays and other damaging elements.

Pro tip: Using an external rodent repellent around the perimeter of your vehicle can add another line of defense against pesky, unwanted visitors.  

Once you’ve secured the cover on your car and double-checked that the doors are locked, you’re ready to start whatever adventure is next on your list. Thankfully, you can now have peace of mind knowing your favorite ride is take care of. If you have any questions about tips and tricks for luxury car care or want expert help spiffing up your ride, contact the experts at AutoPreme. From helpful service and guidance to high-tech products and gadgets, the AutoPreme pros know just what it takes to spiff up your car.