Safe Driving Tips for Bad Weather

Driving can take us to extremes. From the freedom and joy of a great road trip to the frustration of a congested commute. On the negative end of the spectrum for many people is driving in bad weather. Hazardous conditions raise stress levels, add time to commutes and increase the likelihood of accidents.


Taking some smart measure in advance and while you are on the icy road will help reduce these negatives. Here are some tips to help keep you and your prized vehicle safe.

Winter driving tips

If you do have to go out in the harsh conditions, there is a lot you can do to reduce the risks.


  • Know before you go

First off, know what you are getting into before you head out. If a storm is in the forecast, follow the weather predictions so you can plan accordingly. Make sure you are familiar with the roads you are traveling on. You might be able to beat a storm, wait it out, or just stay home altogether. Sometimes it just isn’t worth it.


  • Give yourself plenty of time

The first thing you can do is give yourself time. If you aren’t in a rush, you can take it slowly. Remember, posted speed limits are for ideal driving conditions. A blizzard is far from ideal, in terms of driving conditions.


  • Keep it nice and steady

In addition to going slow, go steady. Keeping a steady speed is much safer than speeding up and slowing down, which will increase the risk of losing control. This is especially true for hills. If possible, avoid stopping on them.


  • Follow at a greater distance

Keep a greater distance between you and the car in front of you. This will give you more time and space to stop, especially when driving on ice. Slippery roads can more than double the stopping distance you may need. It also gives you time to react to any bad decisions made by drivers in front of you.


  • Stay alert & avoid distractions

Speaking of which, keep an eye on the cars around you. Even in places accustomed to harsh winter conditions, it seems like every year people forget how to drive in the snow. You are better off assuming people around you will make mistakes, so keep your distance whenever possible.

On that note, you might want to turn off the music and other distractions. Put all your focus on driving. If music helps you relax, then leave it on, but don’t worry about pushing any buttons if the conditions around you are bad.


  • Make sure your car is prepared

Many of the safety measures you can take will happen before you leave. Check your tires to make sure they are road worthy. Check your lights and clear your windows and mirrors. Warming up your car is a good idea so the defrost keeps your windows clear. Just make sure you don’t run your car in a closed garage. Finally, take some extra measures to keep your car winter ready. Good window wipers are a must. You can also get custom fitted and secured floor mats so they don’t slip around under your feet.


While it can be best to just skip the storm, sometimes that just isn’t an option. If you have to drive in severe weather conditions, be prepared and be safe.

What Kind of Luxury Car is the Best?

You have decided to take the plunge. You work hard, make your way, and now you want to reward yourself. Deciding to buy a luxury car is one of the great ways to indulge and treat yourself to a true lifestyle upgrade. One final choice stands in your way, though. What kind of luxury car should you get? What is the best? The best for you?

These are not minor questions. Buying a luxury car is a significant investment. Like any investment, you want to be wise with your money. You want to get the right model and take care of it with regular pampering and features like custom floor mats and detailing. So when looking for the right luxury car for you, take a step back, review your options, and decide what works for you. To help you through the process, take a look at these top models.



There are a handful of select luxury cars that you can’t go wrong with. They will treat you right. These include the Audi A7 with its great design and reliably excellent standards. Joining the A7 in this category are the CT6 and XTS from Cadillac, both comfortable cars with plenty of features.

The sharp driving experience of the BMW 6 Series will make every drive an experience. The CLS-Class from Mercedes-Benz will also turn your commute into a daily treat.


Surprise hits

The Kia K900 will have you take a double take, both on this list as well as at this great car. It is a smart value and still gives its owners a lot to be happy about. Another minor surprise is the Lincoln Continental. You might think of this as luxury your grandparents once enjoyed, but the comfort simply cannot be ignored.


Going for it

If you are looking to go all the way in your luxury car search, you can certainly do so with some of the most high-end, high-reward models out there. From Rolls Royce, you can indulge in either the Wraith or the Phantom and feel as supercharged as these models’ names suggest. From Bentley, the Flying Spur and Continental GT will have you feeling like royalty. Back to Audi, the RS7 and S8 will have you loving every minute of your drive.

To get the best of virtually all worlds, take a Tesla Model S for a spin. This dynamic car will put you at the cutting edge of automotive technology while giving you the pure indulgence of a great luxury car.

So which one is best for you? You’ll have to explore a few to make that decision, but hopefully, this list will help narrow down your choices to get your search off to a supercharged start.

How to Clean Your Luxury Car

If you own a luxury car, you want to keep it feeling like a luxury car. You went the extra mile for the look and quality that your car provides. That feeling will start to fade if you neglect your vehicle, which really defeats the purpose.

To keep your luxury car feeling and looking like it should, regular maintenance is a must. One of the most important things you need to do is clean your vehicle. This includes several key steps to protect the interior and exterior of your car.

How often should you do this? At least once per week is a good rule of thumb. You might need to do it more often depending on the time of year and what you expose your car to between cleanings.


First things first

Now, where to start? Begin with the most basic step and wash the exterior of your car. There are a lot of car wash brands out there. Make sure yours is right for luxury cars and high-end finishes. An extra step you can add to the process is to wash your car with a clay bar after the initial wash. This will help remove stubborn build up and give your car a smoother finish.

After washing your car, the next step is polishing. Apply an even coat and use a disc polisher. Check to ensure that the cloth cover is soft. Also, make sure you use gentle pressure when polishing. Pushing too hard on the polisher can cause the clear coat to burn. A brilliant finish will add so much to the appearance of your car. It will keep it looking new, which is great for when you hit the road on amazing road trips and your driving experience. Keeping the car polished will help protect your car’s resale value.


What’s inside counts

When cleaning your car, don’t neglect the interior. The interior can wear down like the exterior and really affects the driving experience and resale value. Regular maintenance will help you avoid costly replacements down the road.

Start with a good thorough vacuuming. This will get the surface dirt and debris out of the way so you can then lift the deeper down dirt with fabric shampoo.

If you have fabric seats or seat covers, use shampoo to clean them. Dirt gets ground into the fabric when we sit in them, so getting the right product to lift the grime out is essential. Leather seats will require specially-formulated polish, as will the dash and steering wheel. Wiping down the pedals is something we often forget to do, but it makes sense since that is where the dirty soles of your shoes press down.

One last tip will go a long way toward keeping your car clean, enhancing the look of your luxury car and protecting its value. Get custom floor mats and save yourself a lot of time and grief. They are fitted to the floor dimensions of your car, which will prevent dirt and debris from getting under them. They are easier to clean, durable, and help prevent odors.

Every extra step you take to care for your luxury car will keep it looking and feeling great. It’s a sound way to protect your investment, and it keeps your driving experience in high gear.

How to Make Your Car Look More Luxurious

If you have been driving the same car for a while, even only a few years, chances are it is starting to wear down and look its age. Depending on the conditions you drive in, it might even look more than its age. If your car is starting to wear down, it can also wear you down, and that new car excitement is long gone.

What if you miss that feeling and want to get it back? What if you don’t even dare think about it because you don’t want to splurge on a new car? Well, you don’t have to. With a handful of simple and affordable upgrades, you can make an old(er) car look new again. You can even get that ultimate upgrade and make your car feel and look more luxurious. Below are a few tips on how you can make an old car look new: 

Fix the soft parts

When you sit in the driver’s seat and look around you for what is wearing out most, you will notice that they all tend to have one thing in common. They are the soft parts. The fabric. From the seat covers the steering wheel padding to just about any cloth or cloth-like material in your car. Start off by replacing these, and you will already be a long way toward riding in luxury.

Along with the seat covers and steering wheel, the floor mats are key to upgrading the interior of your car. When you climb into a new or luxury car, one of the first things you notice is how crisp the floor mats look. Upgrade yours and you will really see the difference. They will also complement new seat covers.


Improve your ride

Once you have the driver’s area improved, it’s time to work on the driving. Look into an add-on for your intake system. It can add a little power to your car and improve the driving experience. You can also look into improving the suspension, which can really make your car feel more luxurious. For a lower cost addition, change your windshield wipers. It’s amazing what new quality wipers will do for the look and feel of your car. It’s like finally cleaning your computer or smartphone screen. You have no idea how clear your view can be until you see that difference.

Luxury cars also have sweet electronics. You can replace your car stereo with a touch screen system that includes GPS. This will give your car a luxury look and feel while also adding some luxurious functionality.


Touch it up

Finally, improve the details on the outside of your car. Some small touch-ups will make your car look more luxurious. Start by touching up the little scratches and scuffs in the paint that accumulate over time. It’s like the windshield. Once those marks are gone, you will be amazed by how sharp your car’s finish looks.

To complement that new finish, you can go a little higher end and replace the tires and rims. Upgrading these will instantly make your old car look more new and custom made.

With these tips, you can drive around in your own custom-made luxury and start exploring the world, check out the top road trips in the world here. Enjoy the ride.